£6306 Raised by Visiting & Giving at Cumbria Hotel

tebay services hotel cumbria

Tebay Services Hotel, part of the Westmorland Family and which many travellers will be extremely familiar of, the award winning Tebay Services, have risen an astonishing £6,306 for Nurture Lakeland through the Visitor Giving Scheme. Guests have the choice to donate at the time of paying the bill of a nominal amount or more should they wish.

The Visitor Giving scheme supports 18 extremely worthwhile projects in Cumbria and the Lake District. Tourism businesses can choose which projects they’d like the visitor donations to go to publicising these on the opt in donation. By visiting, giving guests are protecting this stunning region of the UK that brings in millions of visitors each year.

The £6,306 raised by guests of Tebay Services Hotel has gone to the Fix The Fells project and Red Squirrels Northern England. Fix The Fells is a hugely important organisation repairing footpaths to decrease erosion which left unfixed would lead to server environmental impact such as scarring on the landscape, damage to vulnerable vegetation and special and iconic fell features. Fix The Fells at the moment is working on a large project on one of the Lake District’s most famous fells, Coniston Old Man.

Red Squirrels Northern England is an essential project to protect the only native species of squirrel in Britain. Thanks to donations from Nurture Lakeland and other bodies, Cumbria has seen a significant increase in red squirrel numbers and visitors to the area have a good chance to seeing them. This needs to continue as well as increasing the numbers throughout Northern England.

To find out more about how Tebay Services Hotel supports the environment, to find out more about the hotel and to book rooms, visit http://www.westmorlandhotel.com/